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NEUE FORM 2016  Supplement

Eurocucina 2016

Design Review

As an addition our annual design trend review Neue Form –, and in parallel to our Eurocucina seminar series, where we focus on the functional aspects of kitchens, we decided to also create a design review of the exhibition that we hope can help inspire and expand your own design ideas.  Based on our own impression combined with the feedback from our customer tour with designers and kitchen manufactures, we are proud to present to you the design highlights from the 2016 Eurocucina. For the 2016 review, we have identified 4 trends that we will report on.

Wishing all of you great design successes in the future.


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Table of Contents

Urban Country Style Kitchen


Integrated or hidden kitchens


Black & Steel


Design Highlights




Urban Country Style Kitchen

A trend that was already observed during 2015 is continuing, in contrast to the elegant, clean lines of modern designs, many brand have launched their own interpretation of this overall style, replicating a look and feel from the 17 and 18 hundreds. This style of kitchen designs is still a dominant design style in other parts of the world – namely the US. Many brands combine different aspects and variations of natural wood with decorative larger handles.  White or cream white also remains a common choice. All brands have inset or outset front panels, highlighting the handles.  Glass doors or translucent doors are also often used.

Photo:Nobilia York901

The sophisticated new range York embodies real value with lacquered genuine-wood framed doors in satin grey. It also scores points with its versatile design possibilities for surrounds: with pilasters, niche claddings, cornices and light pelmets, a niche rail system and wall shelf units as well as base units with wickerwork baskets or wine rack units, you can bring as much country feeling into the kitchen as you wish.

The warmth of hospitality takes form in Scavolini's new Favilla kitchen, designed by Vuesse, with its all-Italian heritage perfectly expressing the concepts of hospitality and familiarity with refined, simple taste. Traditional yet modern, urban and shabby chic.

Photo:Scavolini Favilla

The Favilla kitchen programme features the following details that define the space around it with great personality. Key elements include an exclusive cooking block and washing block with a Matt Lacquered Cast Iron finish, unique vintage hoods, a refined range of knobs and handles, a monoblock travertine marble or grey stone sink and a Favilla island block evoking a contemporary version of country style.

Photo:Rastelli Tiffany

Tiffany is an avant-garde interpretation of the contemporary classical style, shows all its beauty with the glossy and the matt lacquered doors, neoclassical inspiration motifs, the precious gold and silver finishes, handles in bright chrome or gold finish, the backsplashes in granite pure black or Covelano white marble with veins gold or silver.

The collaboration with the architect Massimo Iosa Ghini goes on with Kelly:

traditional design precepts have been revisited with a view to extending classic taste in home décor by adopting new stylistic transpositions which reverberate with timeless elegance and are peppered up with modern panache. Kelly is not a kitchen to pass unnoticed. It is lush and chic: endowed with modern sleekness, it bears homage to time-honoured classic of furniture as transpires from scores of tiny design details. It rests confidently on the classic mainstays of European furniture traditions, benefiting from a sultry sophistication of Mediterranean grace as can be seen from the meticulous attention to detail associated with old Italian craftsmanship. Kelly speaks to discerning buyers who are in no two minds about what they want. A cosmopolitan traveller with a love for classic beauty who needs to surround himself with best of modern style.

Photo:Snaidero Cucina kelly Bianco Luce

Marmola, one of the most meaningful models of kitchens produced by Brummel, reconfirms the elegance of its timeless style by means of its special and exclusive mat grey finishing embellished by the new ice effect.

Marmola fully interprets the idea of the “style of living” according to Brummel, where elegance and simplicity go hand in hand with innovation and contemporaneity deeply respecting tradition.

EGO is the very new Collection by Brummel characterized by a classical style which is interpreted with an elegant lightness and a natural simplicity.

Materials and finishing determine the search for classic, for its quality and its strength, thus avoiding skilfully any excess load of spirals, sculptures and heavy rococo carving and leaving some space to an important feeling of warmth. In fact EGO distinguishes itself by big columns

The whole EGO collection is available in ivory, desert or musk lacquer or made of very precious and very selected essences such as Wenge, Ebony Makassar, Rosewood and Canaletto Walnut. Each essence has also some parts made of lacquer and slightly metalized, in a colour of the same tone of the chosen essence. Matching elements for dining and living spaces also available.

Photo:Brummel Marmola

Photo:Brummel EGO



Integrated or hidden kitchens

The trend towards the invisible kitchen that is an integrated part of an overall living and/or dining environment continues to be strong.  Island kitchens were the first step in this direction, execution of the concept has since evolved and the result are kitchens that in many cases, on first sight you will not recognize as such, they blend into the interior space without disturbing it.

A delicate 3D texture inspired by the classic “matelassé” fabric finish, available in refined gloss and matt lacquer nuances.

Different knob and handle elements can be fitted to the doors. The transparent crystal jewel knob and the arched steel handle.

Care for details as a guiding element of an unmistakable style; doors available in their framed version with matelassé or smooth central panel; all of these features contribute to define the strong personality of an environment completely oriented towards an elegant style, paired with the assertive presence of the marble and natural stone.

The Bellagio model shares an extensive, tailor-made modularity with the other Scic models, which comprises columns in heights of up to 256 cm and container elements for different purposes and electrical appliances.

Photo: SCIC Bellagio

Photo:Bellagio Collection designed by Anna and Enrico Cattaneo

Photo:Snaidero Way – open and hidden

Photo:Snaidero Way – open and hidden

Tactile materials, sleek silhouettes and pure design talent: as is our wont, we have pushed back the frontiers with our research once again. Created without handles, Snaidero's Way is a design with well-defined proportions, minimalist contours and a sophisticated range of finishes and colours.

The large central work island has been entirely made in stone-effect ceramic with a three-dimensional look for the doors and top. This lends the kitchen a monolithic effect as well as ensuring superb efficiency (high heat resistance, stainproof and scratch proof).

Encased in tactile yet rigorous stone frames, the work zones excel in terms of ergonomic comfort.

Maistri Concept Stand

In this 2016 edition Maistri has focused on kitchen projects designed for open space solutions, where the kitchen has to be both functional and beautiful: that is, a living and aesthetic experience.

GIZA project in wood, with a sliding counter top that in few seconds can hide or show the working functions. Among the finishes and the colors available for GIZA and VIVA islands is the new moca Lapitec finish which is in perfect harmony with the Londongray color: a well-established partnership between the two business institutions.

Photo:Maistri Giza Lapitec

Photo:Martini Aria

Photo:Martini Aria

Being relentless in searching beauty and in studying functionality, Martini Mobili astonishes with a new vision of the kitchen where the experience of classic tradition meets a definitely contemporary style.

It results a new concept of “timeless” furnishing where strongly classic elements, such as inlaid works in panelling and decorated pilaster strips, stand out and are perfectly mixed in a set of modern, linear distinctive features which are somehow creative.

ARIA is the new kitchen by Martini Mobili, designed by Arbet Design, which meets this original approach of furnishing style. Made of oak-wood with a natural finishing it has a ”wavy” wardrobe.

Photo:Valcucine New Logica System Blu

Photo:Valcucine New Logica System Blu

The whole Valcucine range of products has been designed as a wellness heaven, inspired by nature and the idea of wellbeing. The exhibition space resembles a garden, symbolic of one of the cornerstones of the company’s wellness concept: Man living in harmony with his surroundings.
A model for ergonomics and functionality, the New Logica System Blu is a hidden beauty, that reveals its comfort with elegant lifting and sliding solutions.



Black & Steel

Classical black and high tech steel in a variety of combinations. Applied in different kitchen style selections, from super modern to classical home styles, from integrated to stand alone.

Stainless steel fronts combined with a dark natural wood exterior in a puristic design with wide setbacks between different units to provide a sense of order and tranquility.

Photo: Arrital Acciaio

Photo: Office Gullo: Back and Grey

Metal combines with wood in this complete kitchen divided into four independent elements. The structure of the kitchen is made of high thickness, hand brushed and black stainless steel is matched with woodworking made of grey lacquered solid oak wood, embellished with elegant frames made of glossy chrome-plated brass. A wall is devoted to the professional cooking area equipped with highly performant burners and a steel electrical oven, compatible with the gastronome standards.

Photo:Office Gullo Park Avenue Project

A kitchen designed to be high performance and characterized by unique aesthetics, sketchy detail. "An in-house restaurant" but it does not mean only "restaurant" - that is, said cooking appliances and professional equipment - but also, and

basically "home," and that is striving for maximum ergonomics for all components so that they can be used easily in the life of everyday.

Step System is a wood panel that joins up the base units with the wall units to complete the kitchen and enables use to be made of what is normally unused space, providing everything needed for cooking within reach.

Step System is in fact useful for placing both utensils and items used every day in the kitchen. It is composed of vertical elements and aluminium bars, and the back panels and shelves are available in the Veneta Cucine finishes. It can be fitted with accessories such as the kitchen roll holder or glass holders. The aluminium bar acts both as a guard to prevent falling and, when positioned under the shelf, can be used to hang ladles on.

Photo:Veneta Cucine

Step System

Photo: Valcucine Genius Loci

Just like old secretaries, Genius Loci conceals a secret and intimate space in a drawer that goes beyond the functional.


The new interior accessories for Valcucine drawers are modular and functional to adapt to the daily requirements of the users while keeping everything tidy and within reach.

Recently honoured with the prestigious Good Design Award from the Museum of

Architecture, Design and Metropolitan Arts of Chicago, Snaidero's Opera will be coming to the 2016 Eurocucina exhibition under a completely new guise: with unwavering loyalty towards quality materials, an unerring sense of proportion and enchanting simplicity of construction, this time it slips into a new "industrial" skin, using authentic materials and putting design first.

Photo:Snaidero Cucina Opera



Design Highlights

Here is our selection of the kitchen Design Highlight of this years Eurocuccina. One very common aspect is that of transformation – kitchen with larger functional elements that can move to create a second space experience. Others simply shine with their innovative approach.

Photo:Rossana K-IN K-OUT

A suspended basic unit, raised off the floor by an asymmetric pedestal in burnished steel. This is the innovative Rossana K-IN / K-OUT, an important new step in the ambitious evolution of the brand whose objective is the creation of a single-range system integrated with the entire Rossana collection.

One kitchen and one aesthetic for two different uses and two specific systems of construction.

K-IN and K-OUT is the new Indoor / Outdoor kitchen by Rossana: an elementary unit, austere, suspended on a minimalist base, with strong overhangs and unexpected spaces.

A solution conceived exclusively as an island, K-IN and K-OUT appears as a single, completely-closed block from which mobile planes extend laterally and longitudinally, changing its volumetry. By sliding the two elements one reveals work / snack surfaces that can be used for both versions.

Photo:Rossana K-IN K-OUT

Photo:Cucina AIDA

The evocative name of this new kitchen is a specific tribute to the parmesan composer Giuseppe Verdi, who took the musical world by surprise back in 1871 with one of his most successful works: Aida. This opera in four acts was first performed in Cairo on 24 December 1871, on the occasion of the Suez Canal opening ceremony. The score written by Verdi envisaged a leading role for brass instruments within the orchestra.

The composition showed above is made of four elements: Emperador marble, opaque Eucalyptus wood, smoked glass and brass.


Milan, April 2016. Häcker Kitchens is presenting the whole range of its kitchen concepts at EuroCucina. With the motto “Kitchen in motion”, the company is showing three kitchen plans that bring movement into the kitchen in different ways. One high point is the “Moving kitchen” design study, with which the interior architect and designer Jochen Flacke reflects on changing lifestyle habits and newly applies a very old construction

Photo:Valcucine Artemica

Our intuition led us to using “pure” (not bonded) materials on the aluminium structure of the Artematica doors, a move which opened up endless ideas and combinations.

From the refined use of glass in every colour and finish to wood that conveys strong tactile sensations to lacquered surfaces and metal laminates, Artematica has been designed down to the last detail to make movements more fluid and more assured, to bring about a softer closure of cabinet doors and to respect the highest safety standards thanks to rounded corners and edges.

Officine Gullo presents a professional cooking island in satin high-gauge stainless steel, with burnished brass finishings and solid olive wood handles. It's equipped on one side with a professional multifunction, ventilated maxi-oven in steel, compatible with Gastronorm tray standards GN1/1. On the opposite side, the cooking island offers pull out drawers with slow close system. The cooking top is equipped with a pasta cooker and a series of high-efficiency burners with up to 10 kW of output power. Among them, a 10Kw burner, perfect for Wok cooking.

Photo:Officine Gullo

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