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NEUE FORM 2017  Supplement

imm 2017 Living Kitchen

Design Review

Table of Contents


Design Highlights:  Featuring our 4 favorite Kitchen Designs

The art of minimalism

in the kitchen


Innovative Functionality in abundance



Design Highlights:

Featuring our 4 favorite Kitchen Designs


File No.1

Warendorf: MK1 and MK2:

Exhibition moto: Sense &Sensation

In the MK 1, sensual and velvety soft matt surfaces contrast with oak finishes, veneered offset rails and an oak edge as the highlight of the internal finishing. Together, they emphasise the authentic character of the kitchen and its users with a sensuous mixture of materials, colours and textures. Luxury can be experienced on a minimised footprint that nevertheless creates a sense of space and airiness without being forced.


This year, WARENDORF is presenting the MK 1 “swing” from the Authentic Line with a colour combination of Vulcan black and grey soft matt teamed with a white soft matt worktop, which makes use of integrated lighting shining onto reflective surfaces to reinforce the floating  effect of the kitchen run.


The MK 2 “new glamour” is at home on the biggest stages this world has to offer. Its cosmopolitan staging of sheen & reflection can be seen in both the choice of materials and the way they are combined. Warm, sensual-to-the-touch coal oak is paired with cool stainless steel and marbled ceramic. The look is rounded off with super smooth, highly polished black lacquer surfaces for a perfect appearance.
. Thematic consistency is key and is continued in the furniture interior through the use of dark wood in the walnut edges and inserts made from ash. The kitchen layout comprises a buffet to the rear combined with an island/counter solution.

File No.2

Photo:Scavolini Favilla

Leicht Kitchen:

Le Corbusiers Colors and New EVO

Individual kitchens with the elegance of colour: at this year‘s LivingKitchen LEICHT showcased new kitchens with colours from Le Corbusier throughout the entire stand. The selection of natural and timeless nuances makes the merging of LEICHT kitchens with the room and the surrounding architecture even more intense. LEICHT is the first and in fact the only kitchen manufacturer to be carrying Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier in its portfolio in the future. A further trade fair highlight: the new, top-flight EVO design range with a worktop edge of which only five millimetres is visible and which matches identical coloured fronts, handles and worktops. EVO received a design prize at Li- vingKitchen - the ICONIC AWARDS: Interior Innovation „Winner“. The design award presented by the German Design Council honours „innovative top performance“ and stands for the networking of the worlds of architecture and furnishing.


LEICHT and Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier

LEICHT is the first and the only kitchen manufacturer to be offering Les Couleurs® Le Corbu- sier for kitchen planning – extensive showcasing at LivingKitchen 2017.


LEICHT is the first and the only kitchen manufacturer to be offering Les Couleurs® Le Corbu- sier for kitchen planning – extensive showcasing at LivingKitchen 2017.

File No.3

Alno: Special Edition Alno 90 –

Limited edition celebrating 90 years of Alno


Alno created a new design concept for its anniversary celebration: ALNO 90- a limited edition kitchen only 1927 units to be sold manufactured.  The ALNO 90 uses historical design elements from the time oft he company founder Albert Nothdurft, while using modern materials and high tech
manufacturing technology.


File No.4

Scavolini: Ki Collection by Nendo

The Ki collection combines the prestigious Italian craftsmanship of Scavolini and the distinctive approach of Nendo, the Japanese studio headed by Oki Sato, which interprets design as surprise, experimentation and refined details.
Designed for kitchen and bathroom environments, the proposal aptly reflects Scavolini's current international strategy, already apparent in other recent proposals of the brand designed by prestigious designers, such as Ora-ïto, Diesel Creative Team, Michael Young, Karim Rashid, King&Miranda Design and Giugiaro Design.
The Ki concept is trying to make the kitchen “hidden” in two objects to create space and offer complete design freedom: a container, an unique object with a strong connotation, synthesis of an expressive code that can be repeated ad infinitum and a wooden shelf of pure essentiality (Ki in Japanese, meaning at the same time container and wood). The collection reveals a rigorous interpretation of minimalistic and extremely contemporary taste, and embodies exclusive values, creative thinking, innovative challenges, on-going research, genuine Italian quality and finely-worked details.


In the image, the new Ki kitchen from Scavolini, designed by Nendo. The composition is characterised by a central island with Hono Elm Laminate top, 4 cm thick, which also turns into a practical table. The spacious base units feature Hono Elm Decorative Melamine doors with 10 cm plinth. The base units and baskets can be opened using a door with shaped handle side.
The main features of the island are the sink – equipped with dedicated taps – and resting Ki hob, both made of Cristalplant, brand-new, important customisation elements that sum up the concept of this kitchen.
On the right, wall-mounted base units with Hono Elm Decorative Melamine doors and shelves with back panel, in the same finish, another element that characterises this concept. The resting containers, unique items with a strong connotation, act as wall units and take on the lines of the sink and the hob. On the left, a large larder unit with Hono Elm Decorative Melamine doors, satin-finish handles and tall fridge units. The composition is completed by the specially designed hood, in keeping with the total look, and the white painted metal wall lamps, again designed by the Nendo studio. Mya chairs from the Scavolini collection.


Pictured, the perfect blend of elegance and minimal taste for the bathroom created with Scavolini's Ki collection designed by Nendo. The star of the room is Scavolini's “Fluida” wall system – in Pure White decorative melamine – an element which the company also suggests as a practical bathroom furnishings solution, for a bathroom that increasingly accommodates the needs for functionality and the cross-contamination trend with the other rooms in the home.​

The shelves in Hono Elm Decorative Melamine house the containers, which are iconic elements of the collection, used as an alternative to wall units.
The room is completed by the Aura free-standing bathtub.

The art of minimalism in the kitchen



Limited space is a common theme in our urbanized world. Here we present 3 different approaches on minimizing the foot print of your kitchen.

Photo:Pro-Art/Design Line:Lime

Pro-Art Cabinet kitchens –

Classy with a kick

The different cabinet kitchen lines from Pro-Art, below we are highlighting the colorLine in 3 variations, are meant for offices, single’s apartments or multi purpose spaces. Fridge, cooking appliances and sink are concealed within the cabinet. What remains is a beautiful piece of furniture, that does not reveal its purpose. Due to the multitude of colors and modular construction, these kitchens can adapt and blend into any color and size environment, answering to any individual clients needs and wants.

Photo:Pro-Art/Design Line:Zinc Yellow

Photo:Pro-Art/Design Line:White

Pro-Art Suitcase kitchens:Cook’n Roll

The Pro-Art suitcase kitchens are the antithesis to the high end open designer kitchen with all the latest and finest in materials and appliances. Not lacking in quality of materials and appliances, it though takes a minimalist approach and provides cool performance in a handy format. Each kicase can be customized to the specification of the owner. Kitcase are based on the Europalett format for easy transportation. A must for urban nomads moving from City to City.

Photo:Pro-Art Suitcase

Photo:Pro-Art Suitcase


Innovative Functionality in abundance


As every 2 years, big brands use the Living Kitchen to introduce new technology highlights.  I was hard to choose, but we selected the followings as our favorites:

Sony Xperia mobile projector

The Xperia Projector is an autonomous device equipped with the Android operating system. By uniting the functions of a beamer and a tablet, it can project an interactive Android interface onto a worktop, tabletop or wall, where the
Xperia Projector generates a virtual touchscreen with a tablet’s familiar interactive options, e.g. via touch, voice or gesture
Nolte Küchen’s marketing director Axel Brinkmann is delighted by the special collaboration with Sony at the trade fair in Cologne: “We see each other as optimal partners for a somewhat different approach to the theme of smart living. Nolte Küchen stands for life in the kitchen and Sony develops innovative technologies that put life into the focal point. We’re a perfect match.”
The “Xperia Projector” concept offers totally new ways to communicate and interact. Thanks to the touchscreen-like user interface, the entire family can sit around a table, a kitchen island or any other flat surface to coordinate their schedules  and calendars, look at pictures or videos of special moments, or shop in the internet together.

Photo: Xperia

Miele: EcoFlex & mobile app

The new G 6000 EcoFlex dishwashers require less than an hour for an A-rated wash cycle, as confirmed by Germany's TÜV Rheinland materials testing institute – a feat accomplished only by Miele.
The new QuickPowerWash programme washes and dries crockery and cutlery in only 58 minutes. 'With this programme, we are meeting the needs of consumers demanding top-class results in combination with short cycle times in a more consistent manner than any other manufacturer', says Gernot Trettenbrein, director of the international domestic appliance division at Miele. This is not least due to Miele's newly developed UltraTabs Multi, formulated specifically for the G 6000 EcoFlex and the QuickPowerWash programme. Unlike conventional multi- component tablets, Miele's ingredients dissolve completely within two to three minutes. And, even in combination with a short cycle, they achieve very good cleaning and drying results, as confirmed by the TÜV Rheinland certificate.

Thanks to its newly designed baskets, Miele is also further increasing its lead in terms of flexibility and loading convenience. At the latest since the introduction of the patented and adjustable 3D cutlery drawer, Miele has been the benchmark in terms of loading flexibility, enhanced through adjustable features such as hinged spikes in the upper and lower baskets. This caters for the individual needs of Miele customers, allowing them to accommodate for instance tall stemware, large platters or bulky pans and dishes both conveniently and securely. G 6000 EcoFlex dishwashers take this flexibility to the next level. With those new products Miele strives to further contribute to the consumer's lifestyle by providing peace of mind and quality time while the Miele dishwasher does the work silently and reliably.


Photo/Miele:Miele@mobile app

Until now, the Miele@mobile app served primarily to monitor and control Miele appliances from a tablet PC or a smartphone. since the Living Kitchen 2017 in Cologne, users are now to be given free and easy access to more than 1000 recipes; these will be accompanied by around 200 food-preparation videos. To make this happen, Miele is cooperating with the award-winning mobile recipe platform 'Kitchen Stories'. This app, produced by the fledgling Berlin company, is considered the best app of its kind currently available on the market, but currently not available in Japan.

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